How To Clean The Mattress And Eliminate Mites?

Even a great mattress can be a receptacle for dirt, germs and mites. This is certainly a problem for everyone but especially for those who have allergy problems. Cleaning the mattress is essential but it is not something that everyone does since there is not always an awareness of what their “bed” can hide.

If you are reading this article it seems obvious to us that you at least have a doubt that your mattress is also infested with mites and in need of a good cleaning. We will see how to help you but the first thing we want to do is to help you identify the problem or in other words, understand if the mites keep you company during the night and every time you take a nap.

On the contrary, we will save you the effort immediately: 99% of the time it is like that. However, this should not be alarming because if the presence of mites seems obvious, it does not necessarily mean that there is an infestation in place.

The Dermatophagoides

Mattress Mites

It is important to know that there is not just one type of mite, there are several and not all of them cause allergies. Another thing to know is that we are food for mites, in fact they feed on hair, dandruff, nails and skin. The mite you need to worry about is Dermatophagoides which releases about twenty allergenic substances.

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The appearance of the allergic reaction is the most evident symptom that highlights that there is a problem of mite infestation which, it is essential to know, proliferate in environments with humidity around 60% and temperatures of around 25-degrees. A good preventative move is to use a dehumidifier.

Cleaning the mattress

Cleaning the mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Use the vacuum cleaner quite frequently, making sure you pass it inch by inch on the mattress. Before doing this, it would be advisable to use a carpet beater in the open air, leaving the mattress exposed to the sun and fresh air for a day in order to eliminate bad smells.

Another system that can be used is to prepare a mixture of water with bicarbonate to be spread on the surface by means of a sprayer. Also, in this case the mattress should be left outside for a day.

The action of water and bicarbonate eliminates mites and is useful for removing stains and halos. Against urine stains, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and neutral soap is very effective to eliminate the bad smell. To complete the cleaning, rub the stain with a cloth soaked in vinegar and lemon. These two ingredients combined are also great for cleaning coffee and tea stains.

For particularly stubborn dirt it is advisable to use the steam to be dispensed with a special appliance. Steam, in addition to cleaning, sanitizes. Remember to leave the mattress to dry outdoors. Even if your mattress is made of latex, the cleaning system is not very different. Using a damp microfiber cloth, rub it on the surface; you can add a little lemon too. The mattress, after this treatment, requires at least a dozen hours to dry in the open air.

Wash and iron

Wash and iron Mattress

In the preventive fight against mites, it is important to wash the mattress cover and sheets with water at 60-degrees and keep the mattresses in the sun on a weekly basis. Ironing sheets and mattress covers is one more weapon in the fight against mites.

Useful products

Useful products for cleaning mattress

Until now we have seen how to clean and disinfect the mattress with what can be found at home but those who do not trust grandma’s methods can always resort to using specific products. We present some of them starting with Inspired, a product that eliminates bad odors, fights mites and therefore prevents allergies. Sold for eighteen dollars, it has satisfied many customers.

HygienFresh Tarmacid is a surgical medical device that can be applied to all tissues. Its acaricidal and moth-killing action has the approval of the ministry of health. Its cost is fourteen dollars.

Mites can also be fought with ultrasound with devices such as the Euroallergy Terminator, a name that says it all. Its action is aimed at a progressive reduction of the mites that are found throughout the environment and not only in the mattress. Do not worry if there are animals in the house because ultrasounds are not a source of disturbance for them. The action of the device is not immediate, to have appreciable results you have to be patient for two or three months. We must point out that the device is only suitable for contrasting dust mites, not those of other types. Its price is thirty five dollars.


Coexistence with mites can be very complicated and very often even inevitable, but do not despair because there is no lack of defense devices.

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