Best TV Cabinets in India 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

The Best TV Cabinets in India are here and listed by our own Khojdeal Home Experts. Our researchers spend hours looking for the right product for you. A TV unit or more commonly called a TV cabinet is quite a useful piece of furniture. Most modern TVs are now wall mounted but come with a whole lotta junk with it. Set top boxes, gaming consoles, blu-ray players, the entire shebang.

The primary reason to purchase a TV cabinet is to allocate enough space for all your TV devices. Most people utilize the extra space for books, photo frames and memorabilia and too. What you plan to keep on or in your cabinet, it will prove to be quite a sensible purchase overall. The best TV cabinets in India are listed below, go through our buying guide first to get a general gist of the product.

Best TV Cabinets in India – Reviewed : Updated 2023

TV cabinets can be tricky to purchase. Keeping in mind the decor of your living room plus the amount of space you have allotted for the cabinet might prove to be quite the hassle to deal with. Khojdeal Home Experts are here and have your back! We bring to you the Best TV Cabinets in India, listed, reviewed and totally worth the purchase.

S. No.Best TV Cabinets in IndiaPrice
1.Amazon Brand – Solimo Cygnus Engineered Wood TV CabinetRs. 7,249
2.DeckUp Uniti Engineered Wood TV CabinetRs. 7,499
3.Anikaa Tyron Engineered Wood TV CabinetRs. 4,049
4.BLUEWUD Leo Engineered Wood TV CabinetRs. 3,949
5.@home By Nilkamal Walton TV CabinetRs. 10,617
6.DAS Engineered Wood TV CabinetRs. 3,099
7.Klaxon Vector Engineered Wood TV CabinetRs. 2,531
8.Furinno Sheesham Wood TV CabinetRs. 13,999
9.Evok Diamond Solid Wood TV CabinetRs. 29,202
10.Driftingwood Wooden TV CabinetRs. 13,999

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo TV Cabinet : Archer

[amazon fields=” B07LC9HXSL ” value=”button”]

  • Robust structure made from quality engineered wood and European standard particle board
  • Color : Imperial Teak
  • Multiple shelves and drawers with loading capacity of 45kg (middle shelf), 55kg (bottom shelf) to place LCD, sound systems, etc.
  • Resistant to humidity, stains and hot water for added longevity
  • Tested for durability and strength with 5,000 drawer testing cycles and 10,000 door testing cycles
  • Compact, elegant design adds aesthetic value and frees up floor space
  • Smooth edges and sleek espresso finish add elegance and ease of cleaning
  • Free from harmful chemicals and lead to ensure safe usage
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects

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2. Amazon Brand – Solimo TV Cabinet : Cygnus

[amazon fields=” B07T88PPB2 ” value=”button”]

  • Color : Sienna Cherry
  • Product Dimensions: Length (120cm), Width (39cm), Height (61cm)
  • Premium quality structure made from high quality European standard particle board for sturdiness
  • Tested for resistance against humidity, stains and hot water to ensure longevity
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Functional design includes two drawers, a spacious compartment with glass doors and wide cabinet-top
  • Rich elegant finish complements the decor of your home and offers a convenient cleaning experience
  • Smooth edges for protection against accidental scrapes and cuts
  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins to facilitate safe use

3. SamDecors TV Cabinet : Kate

[amazon fields=”B07YJK1ZJX” value=”button”]

  • Width – 145 cms, Depth – 35 cms, Height – 50 cms. Material – Solid Sheesham Wood.
  • Finish – Lacquer Finish, Dark Walnut. Weight – Approx 31 kgs. The partition shelf is removable providing flexibility and ease of storage.
  • The simple design seamlessly fits in with the rest of your furniture. SamDecors uses wood and other material, harvested from renewable sources in the country.
  • No assembly required. One piece pack.

4. DeckUp TV Cabinet : Meritus – L

[amazon fields=”B0782QZ688″ value=”button”]

  • Assembly Required: The Product Requires Basic Assembly And Comes With DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Assembly Instructions.
  • Product Dimensions: Length (49 Inches), Width (12 Inches), Height (11 Inches).
  • Primary Material: Engineered Wood With Melamine Laminate.
  • Color: Dark Wenge
  • Finish: Matte Finish
  • Style: Contemporary

5. Wudville TV Cabinet : Coober

[amazon fields=”B07D6SJYVN” value=”button”]

  • Product Dimensions: Length ( 110Cm / 43.30Inch) Breadth ( 23.50Cm / 9.25Inch) Height( 23.50Cm / 9.25Inch).
  • Product Material: Particle Board (Made of premium high grade prelam engineering wood with natural wood grain finish.)
  • Product Color: Wenge
  • Product Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Product Weight: 8Kgs.
  • Product Warranty : All of our products are made with care and covered for 1 year against manufacturing defects.
  • Self assembly (professional skills required). 

6. Bluewud TV Cabinet : Kunsua

[amazon fields=”B07D7VHCPG” value=”button”]

  • Product Dimensions: Length (80Cm) x Breadth (23.5Cm) x Height(10Cm).
  • Product Material: Particle Board (Made of premium high grade prelam engineering wood with natural wood grain finish.)
  • Product Color: Wenge
  • Product Style: Contemporary
  • Weight: 5 Kgs
  • Ideal TV Size- Upto 32 Inches.
  • Product Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects
  • This is a DIY item and comes with necessary hardware and with a detailed installation guide. 

7. Bluewud TV Cabinet : Primax

[amazon fields=”B07RS2L6TV” value=”button”]

  • Product dimensions: Length (129cm / 50.8in) x Breadth (30cm / 11.8in) x Height (80cm / 31.5in)
  • Made of Particle Board (High grade prelam engineering wood with natural wood grain finish.)
  • Product Color: Wenge, Product Style: Contemporary
  • Weight: 12.4 Kgs
  • Ideal TV Size- 32 Inches.
  • Product Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects

8. HomeTown TV Cabinet : Missouri

[amazon fields=”B07CDFZB2S” value=”button”]

  • Dimensions: Depth: 400(mm) Width: 2000(mm) Height: 1800(mm)
  • Primary Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: Walnut
  • Style: Modern and Contemporary Furniture
  • It comes with multiple open and closed drawers

Everything About TV Cabinets – Buying Guide

Buying from the best TV cabinets in India might sound easy, but it really isn’t. There are a few things you definitely need to keep in mind when you look for a new TV stand. From the size of the cabinet to the size of your TV, you also need give significant notice to a few other features in a TV cabinet.

Crucial Feature Points

  • Size : The size of the cabinet directly relates to the overall appeal of your living room. An over-sized cabinet might provide some extra space but might not look that attractive. A subtle yet spacious cabinet is the way to go.
  • Material : Wood cabinets are the most commonly found cabinets. They are durable, reasonably priced and provide a rustic look to your entertainment area. Metal cabinets are also quite common in modern homes and are generally chrome finished to enhance appeal. The choice of wood also affects the durability of your TV unit.
  • Types and Style : Cabinets come in a variety of options. Wall mounted cabinets are more commonly associated with wall mounted TV sets. If your entertainment unit is in the corner of the room, a corner cabinet might be perfect for you. A smaller, triangular edged cabinet makes for a nice decor too. TV stands are also quite common if you wish to keep your TV on the cabinet instead of above it.
  • Features : Cable management, drawers, extra shelves, there are a lot of features a TV cabinet might come with. Glass shelves are also quite the common choice amongst people who wish to store items in the cabinet for use or for decoration purposes. The most important feature to look for is certainly cable management. Multiple devices require cable management, if you do not want to absolutely spoil the decor of your living room.

Also Keep in Mind

Certain things you need to always and most definitely keep in mind when buying from the best TV cabinets in India. Make sure to ..

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  • Make Space : Buying an over-sized cabinet could provide you with some extra space for your devices, but keep in mind the cabinet does not stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Make Sure Everything Fits : Similarly, do not go for a very small cabinet if you have more than one or two devices you wish to keep on it. Electronics tend to heat up and if your devices are huddled together – firstly that looks unattractive and more importantly the heat transfer between devices might lead to damages. If you own a soundbar or a home theater system, you might have even more of a crunch for space. Make sure everything fits on your TV cabinet.
  • Mind the Size of Your TV : Make sure you purchase a cabinet with respect to the size of your TV. I don’t think anyone builds a TV unit around a cabinet, but instead a cabinet around a TV unit. The size of the TV matters for aesthetic appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about TV Cabinets

Which wood is best for TV cabinet?

The most commonly used woods in cabinets are oak, mahogany, maple, teak and cherry. Oak is essentially the most durable of them all but does develop a yellow patina over time. By contrast, red oak is darker and does not patina as much. Depending on taste and design choices, your TV stand could also have a certain finish on it. A dark walnut finish looks absolutely brilliant for a TV stand. The best TV cabinets in India are made from wood and readily available.

How can I hide the wires from my TV?

Cable management is quite the issue when it comes to electronics. Making sure you purchase a TV stand with holes in it for cable management is absolutely crucial. Cable management can prove to be even more difficult if you use a few entertainment units on the TV stand. Keeping in mind cable management never hurt anyone.

Should a TV stand be wider than the TV?

A TV stand ideally should be wider than the TV itself. The reasons being, first, aesthetic appeal and secondly, a TV stand holds a lot of devices/equipment and they require much needed space. Otherwise huddled up devices are more prone to heating up.

You know what goes best with a TV cabinet. A TV! Okay sorry. Get the Best 55 Inch Television in India right here!


A TV cabinet might prove incredibly beneficial if you plan on upgrading your entertainment unit. Trust us, it helps. Khojdeal Home Experts are avid entertainment buffs and also into aesthetics. They realize the importance to keep all your devices organized for ease of use. The Best TV Cabinets in India have listed by Khojdeal. Read our buying guide to get a thorough understanding of how to go about purchasing a cabinet for your entertainment unit.

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